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Single-Stream Recycling at Welsh Sanitation Service

There’s more to recycling than meets the eye. We believe in the value of recycling, but understand it can be confusing. Luckily, it’s gotten easier in recent years. Part of the confusion and annoyance of recycling was the many bins for different materials. Over time, the process has become more streamlined, and we’re here to break it down and help make it simple. Here’s everything you need to know about how to recycle with us as a residential, industrial, or commercial customer.

What is Single-Stream Recycling?

Single-stream recycling is a mechanized process that allows you to toss all of your recyclables into the same, single container. This is collected and sent to a sorting facility where a single, huge machine uses magnets, air and other processes to divide up the items and get them where they need to go. This is easier for you and better for the environment. It’s been found in several studies that single-stream recycling reduces the amount of recyclable material in landfills.

Sometimes even with single-stream recycling there’s confusion around what can and cannot go into the bin. Adding non-recyclable items can result in the batch being sent to the landfill, which defeats the purpose of recycling. Please keep your recycling free of any items that disrupt the process.

How to Recycle Using Single-Stream Recycling

It’s easy! Just follow these rules and recycling will be quick and easy. 

  • Welsh Sanitation Service accepts all recyclable materials: glass, plastic, metal, and paper. E-waste (electronics) is recyclable but should not be placed in your bin.
  • Broken glass should not be placed in the recycling bin. Neither should caps and lids from glass containers.
  • Containers do not need their labels removed but should be rinsed out.
Avoid This Common Recycling Mistake!

Plastic bags are not recyclable. They are also one of the biggest reasons perfectly good recyclables end up in a landfill. Do not put your recyclables in a plastic bag and then place that bag in your single-stream recycling bin. If you must use a bag, be sure to empty the recyclables into the bin and throw out the bag or use a paper bag.

Do NOT place these items in the recycling bin.

There are certain items that should not be recycled even though they sound like they fit the bill!

  • Aerosol Cans
  • Broken Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Dishes
  • Disposable Diapers
  • Fish Bowls​
  • Flower Pots
  • Foam Plastics
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Gas Cans
  • Headlights
  • Light Bulbs
  • Mirrors
  • Paint Cans
  • Plastic “Grocery” Bags
  • Plastic Toys
  • Pyrex
  • Scrap Metal
  • Yard Waste

The Dutchess County Waste-to-Energy Power Plan cannot accept yard waste because it’s not combustible. Consider composting yard waste; it’s an environmentally-friendly way to reuse your own yard as plant bedding, fertilizer and topsoil. It’s also easier than most people think. Visit a local garden supply store to learn more.

Single-Stream Recycling Made Easy

We value recycling. Commit to recycling as much household and commercial waste as possible. Let’s partner!

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