Residential Waste

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Residential Waste Services

We offer several services for residential waste throughout the Hudson Valley, including regular weekly pickup, single-stream recycling, and dumpsters for cleanouts and residential projects. Hudson Valley residents rely on Welsh Sanitation Service to provide streamlined, reliable, and affordable services.

Residential Waste Container Sizing Guide

Welsh Sanitation 95 Gallon Waste Toter

95-Gallon Trash Container

Our 95-gallon trash toter is perfect for families who generally dispose of 4-6 bags of trash per week.

Welsh Sanitation 65 Gallon Waste Toter

65-Gallon Trash Container

Our 65-gallon trash toter is ideal for couples or small families who generally dispose of 3-5 bags of trash per week.

Residential Waste Basics

We provide simple, reliable waste services to residential areas. All customers are provided with two sturdy cans: one for garbage and one for all recyclables. Simply roll your cans to the edge of the road on your assigned day, facing outward. Our trucks grab and lift your cans (garbage and recycling on the same day) for efficient and mess-free disposal.

Do NOT place these items in the recycling bin.

Hazardous household waste does not qualify as residential waste so be careful what you put in your regular trash and recycling containers. We do not accept anything marked “warning,” “hazardous,” “flammable,” “poisonous,” or “corrosive.” Call 845.463.6020 for the Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency to learn more about hazardous household waste drop-off including what they’ll take, designated Saturdays and vital information.

Everybody Wins with Single-Stream Recycling

Say goodbye to the hassle of sorting your recyclables into color-coded containers! We utilize single-stream recycling. Just place all of your recyclables into one bin and our trucks pick them up. Easy as that!

Why use this system? With single-stream recycling, 50% more collected materials are recycled (Scientific American). Duke University found that offering this simpler method of recycling re-captured about 40% of recyclables that were simply being placed in the trash.

Single-stream also has the benefit of fewer plastic bins being manufactured.

Roll-Off Dumpster Service for Residential Waste

Sometimes you need a dumpster. Whether you’re moving, renovating, or just purging, we offer a variety of dumpsters for your residential use. Find the roll-off dumpster size that’s right for you.

A Trusted Friend and Neighbor

Whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the area, trust Welsh Sanitation Service with your residential waste removal needs, including our dumpster services. There’s a reason you’ll see so many of our bins around! 

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